About Us

We are in the technology assisted remedial education arena since 2002.

We have created a self-learning system based on self-evaluations system, CLEaRS (Computerized Learning Evaluation and Review System) for the XI-XII (PUC-1 and PUC-II) Science, HS, IIT, PMT and many other Joint Entrance Examinations. Visit www.WebCLEaRS.com

TTR (Teach - Test- Remediate) is another innovative system created for the teachers to augment teaching efforts. TTR helps the teachers to take the tests and assess the individual student. When teachers have the assessment reports, they can give individual remedial coaching to the students. Thus TTR become an integrated part of the remedial coaching process.

TTR is an internet based system that creates, sends, grades individual Tests; TTR grades and sends back individual students’ performance reports to the teachers.

That's not all, TTR goes one step further; the tutorial module of TTR gives instant remedial and doubt clearing lessons to students along with results.

Getting tested and getting doubt clearing together!

TTR is not only extraordinary, it is a new way of remedial coaching!